Month: March 2016

The Plan

My life is now packed up into a small van and I’ve left my house, so I think this means the adventure has begun! Although there’s a bit of a pause as I’ve started off by going the 100miles home-home for a few days to see family and friends before heading north so Bertha will be neglected. Not that she doesn’t have everything but the kitchen sink to keep her company.

The rough plan for the year is April/May in Scotland, June cycling to Cornwall, July a couple of weddings and spending time with family and friends, August/September in Iceland, October wandering home. This is all a rough plan as the only thing I’ve booked is the return ferry to Iceland – the rest is fairly flexible, although it’s amazing how 8 months can already seem so short.


The final coundown

The countdown is now well and truly underway – 9 working days to go until I become an unemployed hippy!

Van trips away have been limited because of the amount of things to sort out. My to do lists have been ever growing and I’m lazy -I’d rather be planning the trip than sorting out insurance or clearing my house out so still have a lot to do. I’m hoping it will all just magically happen, but more likely it’s going to be a mad scramble to finish everything off and get away on time.

The lists: