Month: November 2018

Company in Bertha

After another week of wandering in the Black Forest, and strangely, lunch in a palace gardens with an ex-colleague, it was time to head east to Munich to collect Dan for a week. Planning that week was tricky – I don’t usually try to pack as much as possible into 7 days but for Dan’s first trip to Germany, and in an area I’ve not been to before it was too tempting not to. But there was also the tricky part of sharing Bertha properly for the first time, which meant I needed to find campsites rather than the campervan parkups I tend to use when I’m away. Not wanting to be packing up and moving every day I managed to find 3 different campsites which would give us a couple of days in each place to explore from. It went surprisingly well, Dan is very patient 😉 The only time we both got grumpy was trying to put up the wet awning, in the wind and snow on rocky ground that the pegs had no chance of going in to. After about 15 minutes and numb hands we stuffed the awning back in its bag and decided to deal with it a couple of days later. But it did show that we could cope without it if needed, which was nice to know. It is much harder keeping the van tidy with 2 people – especially as I built it just for me, even having another set of wet waterproofs and shoes to deal with without getting the van soaked inside is troublesome. I think some sorting out of my underbed storage is going to be necessary for future trips!

We filled our time together with a visit to Dachau – a WW2 concentration camp, a day out in Munich, a trip to Legoland, visiting Neuschwanstein Castle and an unexpected gorge walk after a lunch stop in the Austrian Alps. Our week also involved me refusing to go on any cable cars that Dan spotted (yes, I know the views will be good but I hate them!)

And now onto Lake Constance, which was the other area I’d earmarked for this trip. Lots of things have closed for winter now, but the scenery is still stunning and there are very few people about – perfect!

A few photos from the week…